Thursday, September 14, 2006

El Nino 06/07

The Sydney Morning Herald reports a warning from NOAA that an El Nino has formed and will last into 2007, bringing drought or dry conditions in Australia and across much of SE Asia.

Cody Shwaiko, who forwards this report, says the last El Nino resulted in massive coral bleaching across much of the Pacific. "It will be interesting to see how the Biorock structures [at Permuteran in Bali] fare in the next one", he says.

(The original NOAA CPC notice is here)


Blogger Simon Donner said...

The El Nino - related warming in the central Pacific is very apparent in the bleaching prediction or "hot spot" maps produced by NOAA Coral Reef Watch. The latest map shows the thermal stress around Kiribati (the Gilbert and Phoenix Island chains) and some of the neighbouring US possessions getting close to the bleaching thresholds for the area.

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