Monday, July 10, 2006

WHC -- round 1

It is reported that UNESCO's World Heritage Committee meeting yesterday in Lithuania rejected calls from campaigners to act urgently to protect the world's two longest barrier reefs and three mountain areas from the effects of climate change.

As this article explains, the World Heritage Convention, set up in 1972 to "preserve the world's natural and scenic areas", requires all countries to pass listed sites intact to future generations.

Conservationists argue that this will not happen unless urgent action is taken to cut emissions of greenhouse gas emissions. But government d
elegates from the US, Australia and Canada are reported to have to led a rejection of the call.

A rejection is surely not a surprise. What next? As noted in several places including here and here, it may still be early days in the battles concerning scientific, legal and public opinion.


Anonymous OSB said...

How does one begin the process to get a place named on the WHC Site list?

9:17 pm  

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