Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New book on coral reefs

There Are Many Souls Embodied in Water: Tales From the Coral World by Julia Whitty should be worth attention, judging (not least) by some of her articles for Mother Jones such as The Fate of the Ocean, The Thirteenth Tipping Point and Gone.

(In the first of these three I have so far spotted only what I believe to be one error. Whitty writes that "[the world's] shipping fleets spew as much greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as the entire profligate United States". But the right figure is probably between one quarter and one fifth. Emissions from shipping are probably in the region in the range 600 to 800m MtCO2, or 4 to 5% of the global total, whereas some estimates put US emissions at more than 20% of the current annual total and nearly 28% of emissions since 1750 [James E. Hansen]).


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