Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good news from the Pacific?

A quarter of the world's oceans will be protected from fishing boats which drag heavy nets across the sea floor, South Pacific nations have agreed. The landmark deal will restrict bottom trawling, which experts say destroys coral reefs and stirs up clouds of sediment that suffocate marine life.
Bottom-trawling is responsible for some deep-sea reefs losing more than 95% of their coral, BBC News, 5 May. The 4 May press release from Renaca, Chile says:
"New Zealand [is] responsible for some 90% of the high seas bottom trawling in the area [which is the last and largest pristine deep-sea marine environment on earth]...Only the Russian Federation stated its opposition to the measures but, as of this year, has no bottom trawl vessels operating in the region".


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