Friday, March 10, 2006

The Zanzibar quest

The Tanga Dynamite Fishing Network in Tanzania reports that:
  • Around Kigombe dynamiting is now being done during neap tides as well as spring tides. "Bombing is on the increase daily, at 7-10 blasts during both neap and spring tides...There is no fuel for the village patrol boat..."
  • Mainland dynamiters are reported to expand their activities to Zanzibar. "Fishers from the mainland come over to Zanzibar dynamite fish and then disappear, mstly around Pungume island and the southern district. This has been going on for the last 3 months..."
  • There is an encouraging private sector initiative in the Ushongo area off Pangani."We have been working in the Ushongo area to get a program started which brings together the fishermen, recreational stakeholders, and goverment - both fisheries and Tanga Coastal Program - to provide better management and enforcement for the Maziwi Reserve.. In December fisherman from Ushongo village begin to send out daily ngalawa patrols to Maziwi - both to check on tourist visits and permits as well as to guard against illegal use..."
  • Dynamite fishing has been brought to the attention of the Minister of Fisheries and other senior officials in a recent high-level meeting.
(See also this 2 Feb post about the Network)


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