Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bombing in Tanzania

On 30 January a member of the Tange Dynamite Fishing Monitoring Network wrote to members of the international marine conservation community with an interest in Tanzania to ask people to get the message out that Kigombe coral reefs "need immediate action to protect them from a renewed spate of heavy bombing":

"We had two more agonising days of massive dynamiting of Kigombe reefs to be reported again, and we are certain that these blasts will continue daily this week when we have spring tides that are so favoured by the dynamiters... make matters worse, there is no patrol boat stationed at Kigombe anymore, the worst affected (or best monitored) area. Kigombe villagers and staff of the Tanga Yacht Club were heard commenting on the very strange coincidence that the Kigombe boat was taken to Tanga 'for unknown reasons' one day before it was stolen from TYC anchorage, together with another patroal boat of the Tanga Coastal Zone Conservation and Development Project".

A dynamite fishing monitoring record sheet is being kept.


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