Thursday, December 08, 2005

Moving on

I've just returned to the UK from a short research trip to Indonesia and Malaysia. The journey was worthwhile because it allowed me to meet so many remarkable and people, including but by no means limited to Dr Makoto Omori at the Biorock workshop in Bali and my fellow panelists at IMES in Kuching (session 8): Michael Aw, Simon Christopher, Stuart Green, Michael Portelly and Carmel Travers.

These and many others (plus a visit to Batang Ai) are an inspiration for moving forward - including, in the near term, to the annual meeting of Reef Conservation UK in London on 10 Dec, where Kristian Teleki of ICRAN and others will be present.

In my public remarks at IMES I referred to David Suzuki's reminder to me earlier that morning about the need for stories of hope and for solutions. There were, I said, lots of grounds for both, notwithstanding a grim overall picture for coral reefs. My self-appointed task was first to to try to distinguish real from factitious hopes second to get to grips with those stories. The big picture meant nothing without the details. As Josef Stalin said: one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.


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