Wednesday, November 16, 2005


From 20 Nov to about 2 Dec I will be on the first field trip for this project - to Permuteran in Bali, Indonesia, where I'll attend the Third Biorock Workshop, and then to Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysia, where I will take part in a panel discussion at the International Media Environment Summit (courtesy of the British Council and the event organisers).

I'm attending the workshop in Bali not primarily to learn about Biorock (with which I have some familiarity) but to interact with others, who come from diverse backgrounds and bring valuable skills and experience, about their major concerns.

Both encounters will be largely on-shore, and with scientists, conservationists, politicians and other professionals. I am trying to raise money for further investigation and reporting directly from the environments and local communities affected.

Before leaving for Indonesia I'm making a quick trip to Olsztyn, Poland to give a talk and to discuss the politics of climate change on 18 Nov (courtesy, again, of the British Council).


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