Friday, February 03, 2006

Good news for Green Turtles?

Fred Pearce reports Annette Broderick at Exeter University as saying that Green Turtles are not endangered at all:
In fact there are over 2 million green turtles alive today, and their numbers are rising.

...Nicolas Pilcher, director of the marine research foundation in Sabah, Malaysia, who chaired the listing process, agrees that Broderick has a point. "We are reviewing this and we think regional listings sometimes make more sense."
2006 is International Year of the Turtle (you mean you didn't know?), and it's nice to have what looks like some good news amidst the gloom.

Rumours of the global demise of Greens may be exaggerated, but just because this species may be bouncing back in the Atlantic doesn't mean they're doing OK elsewhere. And other turtle species are in big trouble.


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