Friday, December 07, 2007

Catch less to get richer

Economics of Overexploitation Revisited shows in four disparate fisheries that dynamic maximum economic yield can exceed maximum sustained yield.

"This means that if you reduce the harvest now, you'll actually be better off", says co-author Quentin Grafton
(Catch cuts 'bring bigger profits').

The fisheries studied include long-lived and slow-growing orange roughy which live on seamounts rich in benthic life including cold water corals.


Blogger Stephen Leahy said...

Thanks for this I was wondering how corals could be a carbon sink and somehow eligible for carbon credits.

Given the threats to corals, it would seem to be a non-starter.

Here's an update on acidification impacts on corals I wrote last month for iPS

4:15 am  
Blogger Stephen Leahy said...

of course this comment was not intended for this post but rather the one above it...

4:25 pm  

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