Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Coral" by Steve Jones

Coral - A Pessimist in Paradise will be published on 1st March this year. Its author, Steve Jones, is professor of genetics at University College London, a former Reith Lecturer and has written several best selling science books for a general readership. Tim Radford of The Guardian says Coral could prove to be "biology's book of the year"

From what I have learned so far it looks as if Prof. Jones covers some of the ground -- "from the origin of life to Man's fate" -- being explored for the book planned with this blog.

Last year I was told several times by professionals in the publishing business that there would be no interest from mainstream media in a book about coral, life and everything. That much, at least, has been proven incorrect.

Is it sensible to continue with the book part of the Coral Bones project? Prof. Jones and several other wise people have emphatically told me "yes". There is a lot more to investigate, anaylse and reflect upon ahead of the International Year of the Reef in 2008, including the best efforts of who want to save the reefs, and their enemies.

The most recent good book for a non-specialists on coral and what it means that is not a coffee table book -- Osho Gray Davidson's The Enchanted Braid -- appeared in 1998. Now -- a bit like buses -- several may be coming close together.


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