Friday, May 05, 2006


Coral reefs in the Philippines are among the most degraded in the world, and partly because of this the country has some of the poorest and hungriest people in the tropics. (The Nature Conservancy estimates that coral reefs are central to the survival of over 500 million people - 8% of human population - who are directly dependent on reefs for food and income).

Many different approaches are being tried to improve the situation. Now a new project that may help has received some enthusiastic support: a proposal for a tidal energy powered coral reef and fisheries restoration project near Sagay in Negros Occidental Proviince won the MIT IDEAS competition on the evening of May 4.

FirstStepCoral will combine a Gorlov helical turbine with Biorock technology -- the first time the two have been brought together on the same project. Project participants include Antonio Cueva, Illac Diaz, Tom Goreau, Ed Kurth, Gerardo La O, Neil Ruiz, Rhoderick Samonte, and Daniel Walker.


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